About SIGMA Corporate

Prominent human and excellent production

The corporate name, SIGMA, is a Greek letter equivalent to "S" in English.
This character has been used as a sign of the total sum in mathematics.
It expresses our business concept symbolized by a concert, consisting of technology.
knowledge, experience and wisdom.
We believe that SIGMA products embody the high technology, experience and thoughtfulness of each of our staff members.
The products have been manufactured with our consolidated power at Aizu Factory equipped with the latest facilities.
This plant utilizes a process production system as an "intelligent Factory" on which all steps of production, sales and technology are focused.
Now the plant has become our base of production where quality and high performance products are manufactured.
We deal in a wide variety of image devices around the world. We have decided to contribute through our business achievements to the improvement of communication and the future living standards of the people in the world.

Corporate profile

CEO Kazuto Yamaki
Head Office 2-4-16 Kurigi, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 215-8530 Japan
Establishment September 9, 1961
Capital 100 million yen.
Employees 1,725
Annual Turnover 37,261,599,251 yen (as of August 2019)
Oversea subsidiaries America / Foveon / Germany / France / Benelux / Hongkong / UK / China
Business contents Lenses 35mm SLR camera / digital SLR camera,
Compact digital camera, Digital SLR cameras,
Electronic Flash etc.

Locations and
how to access

Head Office

2-4-16 Kurigi, Asao-ku, Kawasaki-shi,
Kanagawa 215-8530 Japan
TEL : 81-(0)44-989-7430
FAX : 81-(0)44-989-7451
https://goo.gl/maps/gmPhNTvvYkL2 Google Map

Aizu Factory

6594 Aza-Nitchizaka, Ohaza-Ohtani,
Bandai-Machi, Yama-gun,
Fukushima prefecture 969-3395
TEL : 0242-73-2771
FAX : 0242-73-3382
Google Map

History of
SIGMA Corporation

September 1961 SIGMA Research Center was established in Setagaya-ku.
November 1965 A new office building was completed at the existing building site in Komae-shi.
March 1968 Corporate organization was officially changed into a stock company.
November 1970 Trade name was officially changed to SIGMA Corporation.
November 1973 The primary construction of Aizu Integrated Factory was completed.
November 1979 SIGMA Germany was established.
February 1983 The secondary construction of Aizu Integrated Factory was completed.
March 1983 New head office building was completed.
April 1983 SIGMA Hong Kong was established.
March 1984 SIGMA America was established.
January 1991 SIGMA Benelux was established.
December 1991 SIGMA Singapore was established.
February 1993 New factory was completed.
June 1993 SIGMA France was established.
November 2000 SIGMA UK was established
September 2005 New head office building was completed.
August 2013 SIGMA China was established.