Cameras dp Quattro New dp series

A dedication to full-bodied image quality—made
possible by an unparalleled sensor

Unique and without peer among image sensors, the Foveon direct image sensor is similar to traditional color film in that its multiple layers capture all of the information that visible light transmits. Vertical color separation technology produces incredibly rich color gradations, which in turn make possible texture and expressive power that are immediately apparent to the eye. Even when you are photographing an object with a single color, the sensor captures the full gradation perfectly, with no discordant jumps between lighter and darker areas. Proof that capturing color accurately one pixel at a time really makes a difference, these perfect gradations are at the heart of what we call “full-bodied image quality”.

While delivering this rich, colorful, ultra-high resolution that optimally replicates what you see in the real world, the new dp offers image files of a reasonable size in an easy-to-process format. To achieve this combination, we thoroughly rethought and redesigned every aspect of the camera, including the sensor, engine, lens, body, and interior layout. The result is a camera that carries on the dp tradition and gives you unprecedented image quality.

To a radical degree, the new-generation dp series embodies SIGMA's philosophy of creating cameras that produce works of art. Featuring the highest level of fundamental performance, this series unites artistic expression and daily experience as no other cameras can.

Intuitive design With every element optimized for lens and sensor performance, this camera is simple yet powerful

To deliver full-bodied image quality with all of its rich and colorful detail, we rethought and optimized every element of the camera, including the ultra-high-resolution sensor, the top-performance lens, and every component involved in motion and operation. Unchanged from the first generation is a key element of the specification, the fixed focal length lens, which we selected as the optimal way to deliver the highest possible level of image quality.

The dp series is able to process high volumes of image data at a level similar to that of a high-end DSLR, and the shape, weight, layout, and other camera elements all come together in a compact body to deliver outstanding image quality. In addition, the dp series offers superior holding performance and highly intuitive operation. In sum, these features allow the photographer to concentrate fully on photography itself, leveraging the camera's potential to produce outstanding images.

In everyday life, the dp series lets photographers find unexpected opportunities for experiencing emotion and enjoying photography and personal expression in exciting new ways. It is an outwardly simple yet extremely powerful embodiment of SIGMA's philosophy of photography.

Ultra-wide, Wide-angle, Standard, and Medium telephoto options Tools that greatly expand the realm of photographic expression

To the dp Quattro lineup of wide-angle, standard, and medium telephoto, SIGMA now adds an ultra-wide-angle selection. Each camera in the series features a single fixed focal length lens and an exclusive body.

Take medium format-level quality with you wherever you go! The dp Quattro series is dedicated to providing you with amazing image quality and the power to create real works of art. The basic structure leverages the power of the fixed focal length to deliver outstanding photographic expression. The addition of the dp0 further sharpens this concept. As always, its ideal specification combines the ultimate sensor with the ultimate lens, which bring out the best possible performance in each other. An already rich series now offers even greater depth and breadth to those who love photography!