Cameras dp Quattro A camera for a new era

Reinvention of camera,
reinvention of DP
Explore a new world of
photography with SIGMA DP.

From the moment we first considered making cameras, we at SIGMA have never stopped asking ourselves this question : “What parts and materials do we need to craft the best cameras possible?”

Photography is an art accessible to anyone with the desire. For this reason, we wanted to create a camera that would let anyone experience the true essence of photography. Give everyone the opportunity to take the perfect picture. A camera that is approachable. Convenient. Excellent. While no doubt being quite a bit different from the typical camera, it would make people simply love to take pictures. More than a goal, making this camera a reality was our passion.

Over ten years ago, we discovered something. Virtually unknown to the world at the time, resolution, precise gradation, gorgeous color, and breathtaking realism. It was the Foveon direct image sensor. At last, here was the image for which we'd been searching.

Sensing light directly to offer genuine high resolution, the Foveon direct image sensor produces highest-quality, full-bodied images. Inspired by this sensor, we featured it in the first-generation DP1, the world's first full-specification compact digital camera. In fact, the DP1 launched an entirely new category of camera, one that we can hardly imagine living without today.

Since the DP1, the SIGMA DP series has offered the best sensor and lens performance in an optimized package. Combining the image quality of a medium format camera with excellent portability, this revolutionary series has earned the praise and affection of photography lovers around the world.

Today, in the rapidly changing world of photography, we at SIGMA continue to ask ourselves another challenging question: “What kind of cameras can we create to revolutionize people's relationship with photography?” The answer is a camera that embodies a modern, universal, and authentic philosophy. Our answer for today is the dp2.