Today, our lives are surrounded by countless video expressions. Images that please the eyes with overwhelming visual beauty. Novel expressions created by masterfully employing the latest cinematography techniques. Cinema, news, art or personal media, whatever the type of media, each has its own standard and requirements for ideal image quality and the beauty that the creators seek. SIGMA strives to deliver products that can fully meet the requirements for realizing the visual image sought by the creators, no matter what kind of situation. Investing its leading-edge technological expertise into its products to provide equipment of the highest performance, SIGMA is devoted to supporting such creation. Freedom of creation is the goal of all the high-performance and state-of-the-art technologies infused into our cinematographic equipment. The finest equipment for every beautiful image, sincerely from SIGMA.

Revolutionary lenses for the era of
high resolution digital cinematography

In the new era of high-resolution movie production, the arrival of reasonably-priced, high-performance digital cinema cameras has changed the standards of what makes an excellent product in the industry and has expanded the freedom and potential of movie production. At the same time, when it comes to cine lenses, pricing and brand recognition are still often taken as proof of performance, which ends up being proportional to the production budget. Pro­fessional cinema equipment is by its nature not produced in volume, in turn causing lens R&D and innovation in manufacturing tech­nology to lag behind progress in cameras. But SIGMA is different. Responding to the demanding requirements for lenses in the era of ultra-high megapixel photography, SIGMA has developed the tech­nologies required to produce high-performance lenses in volume. Based on this technological advantage and know-how, SIGMA sets off to develop a revolutionary lens, which combines everything that you would ask of a cinema lens: high-definition, high cost-effective­ness and durability, together with high-quality materials and finish.

SIGMA leverages the remarkable optical performance of its still lens lineup, which has been acclaimed by photographers around the world. While retaining the same superb optical system, the mechanical structure of SIGMA’s cine lenses has been completely updated to the latest industry standards. In addition, it incorporates various know-how such as mounts with electronic contact and a robust 100% metal body accumulated through still lens production. Only SIGMA could have realized these lightweight and compact cine lens lines that deliver the highest performance and unprecedented value to bring a new level of freedom and potential to the frontlines of movie production results. With the goal of providing uniquely innovative lenses and unprecedented value, SIGMA has developed its new line of cine lenses.