Download Cameras FAQ

SIGMA Photo Pro 6

  • Is SIGMA Photo Pro Ver.6.0 included with the camera ?

    No, it is not included with your camera. Please download it from the SIGMA GLOBAL VISION website.

  • I have downloaded SIGMA Photo Pro Ver.6.x for Windows but I cannot install it.

    Please download SIGMA Photo Pro Ver.6.0 from the SIGMA GLOBAL VISION website first and find the file named SPP_6.x.x_setup.exe. Double-click the file name and follow the on-screen instructions until completion.

  • I have downloaded SIGMA Photo Pro Ver.6.x for Macintosh but it doesn't work.

    It is necessary to double-click the file named PhotoPro6.x.x.dmg in the Download Manager, and copy the “SIGMA Photo Pro 6” folder and paste it in the Application Folder.

  • I have attached my camera to the computer, but SIGMA Photo Pro 6 does not automatically boot up and start importing images.

    SIGMA Photo Pro does not have the Auto import feature, so please copy the image files from your memory card to a folder in your computer. Then click the folder in the Main Window of SIGMA Photo Pro 6 and check the files on the software. When you process images on the software, it is strongly recommended to save those files on your computer instead of processing them directly from your memory card.

  • When I operate SIGMA Photo Pro 6 for the first time, it does not display the thumbnails of the images in the Main Window.

    When it is operated for the first time on your computer, SIGMA Photo Pro 6 is selected either in My Documents Folder (Windows) or Macintosh HD (Macintosh). Please click the image from the folder in the computer from the Computer pane on the left in the Main Window.
    When you boot up SIGMA Photo Pro 6 for the first time on your Mac computer, the software will take a few minutes to construct the system. This is only necessary the first time, and it will start much faster from the second time.
    Occasionally, the software may not boot up or have abnormal termination if the selected folder has images created in other imaging software. In that case, it is recommended to create a sub folder to separate those image files from others.

  • I see a black frame at the top and bottom of some images while others do not have it. Why are they different ?

    The black frame at the top and bottom indicates the images are not edited in the Main Window of SIGMA Photo Pro 6. Those without frames are the ones already edited and saved in the software.

  • There are some icons described as “TIFF” and not displaying the images in the Thumbnail pane in the Main Window. Does it indicate those files have some errors ?

    In the software versions 6.1.0 and before, TIFF files developed in SIGMA Photo Pro 6 were displayed as icons rather than images. If you would like to display the images in the Thumbnail pane, please develop and save TIFF files using the latest version of SIGMA Photo Pro.
    If the file size is saved in large format, the image will be displayed not in the Review Window of our software but in the standard image viewer installed in the OS.

  • Exposure correction values are not displayed after editing the image.

    In SIGMA Photo Pro 6, it is not possible to display the correction value for images taken with the Auto Bracket function.

  • The cursor on Adjustment Control Palette became red when I move the targeting ring in the color grid.

    It is possible that the adjusted color values in SIGMA Photo Pro ver. 5.5.3 or prior are beyond the adjustment range that SIGMA Photo Pro 6 can cover. In such cases, the targeting ring would become red.

  • When I close the Review Window, it seems that an alert message pops up randomly. Why does it appear ?

    In case the X3F file (RAW data) is not saved after editing the values and settings in the Review Window, the alert message appears. In case it is either a JPEG or TIFF file, the dialog for “Save Image” pops up.
    If the edited values are the same as before, the alert message and “Save Image” dialog are not displayed. Also, when “No” or “Cancel” is selected in the dialog box, the edited values will not be saved.