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About Specification of the product

  • Can I use USB Dock with all SIGMA lenses?

    USB Dock is dedicated only for lenses from SIGMA's three new product lines (Contemporary, Art and Sports). * DN lenses are not compatible (as of April, 2013).

  • I have SIGMA lenses with mounts for more than two camera manufacturers. Can we use a USB Dock for all mounts ?

    USB Dock can be used by attaching it to a lens mount, therefore, each USB Dock is dedicated only for a particular mount. Please note, USB Dock does not operate with commercially available mount conversion adapter.

  • I heard that I need a computer to operate USB Dock. Can I use any computer?

    To use USB Dock, the dedicated software “SIGMA Optimization Pro” is required. In order to operate the software, your computer needs the following operation environment.

  • Can I operate more than two USB Docks using a computer simultaneously ?

    In order to avoid any malfunction problem, please operate one USB Dock per computer.

  • How can I obtain the dedicated software “SIGMA Optimization Pro” ?

    Please follow the steps on SIGMA Corporation's website, and download the installer program.

About Operation of the product

  • How can I use USB Dock?

    Please attach a USB Dock to your lens' mount part, just like you attach your camera to the lens. Please use the supplied USB Cable and connect to a computer which has the dedicated software “SIGMA Optimization Pro” installed. For further information on how to operate the product, please refer instruction manual of “SIGMA Optimization Pro”.

  • Can I use a USB Dock with more than two computers ?

    As long as the computers have the dedicated software “SIGMA Optimization Pro” installed and have an internet connection, you can change your computer and still operate in the same environment (excluding history of connected lens feature).

  • Where can I find the instruction of “SIGMA Optimization Pro” ?

    Once you operate the software, you can find “Help” in the menu bar. When you click it, a PDF instruction of “Help of SIGMA Optimization Pro” appears.

  • How can I customize the focus setting of my lens ?

    In “SIGMA Optimization Pro”, please select the cell covering the focus range you would like to customize. You can change the setting by clicking ◄ ► in the spin box. Moving towards the “–” end, you can set the focusing position in front, and towards the “+” end slides it to the back. After the customization, please take some test shots and re-adjust it with the software if necessary.

  • Is it essential to customize the focus setting of the lens ?

    Not necessarily. The goal of the USB Dock customization is to meet each customer's demand. Please use it depending on your shooting preference.

  • If my lens was previously customized by a SIGMA Service Center, does SIGMA Optimization Pro reset the adjustment of the product ?

    In that case, if you select "Reset all customization to default" in the SIGMA Optimization Pro, it goes back to the setting adjusted by the customer support team, not to the default setting.

  • I have 2 pieces of 1 lens. Can the software recognize each product ?

    It is possible as the USB Dock recognizes the serial number of products. Even though you have 2 pieces of 1 lens, the software will not mix up the lens information and each customization.

  • Does the software offer off-line operation?

    Firmware updating and the lenses connected to the USB Dock for the first time require internet access. If the lens appears in the History of connected lens window, it is possible to customize it off-line.

  • I need further information about how to use this software.

    For more detailed information or any issue related with USB Dock, please contact your nearest SIGMA authorized service station.