What are the differences in specifications between L-Mount and other mounts?

Short flange back, large diameter & remarkable durability and versatile communication between lenses and cameras are the highlights of the L-mount.
●Short flanage back: It not only realizes smaller camera size but also unleashes certain limitations in lens design, especially for wide angle lenses, the short flange back enable the possibility to design smaller lenses with superior optical performance.
●Large diameter and remarkable durability: L-MOUNT has an effective diameter of 51.6mm that can take in sufficient light. Thanks to the four-tab bayonet structure making this large diameter mount even stronger to achieve reliable durability.
●Versatile communication: This feature can be considered as the most crucial reason why SIGMA joined this alliance. In the mirrorless system, a smooth and high-speed communication between lenses and cameras, especially via mount converters, is more important than the data for communication itself.

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