Tripod socket compatible with Arca Swiss type screw knob clamp

Characteristics of the product

Attachable to Arca Swiss platforms

Possible to directly attach the lens to the Arca Swiss platforms and screw knob clamps. As it incorporates 1/4 screw holes, it can also be attached to tripod sockets other than Arca Swiss.

Improved usability

Allows a lens hood to be attached in the reverse direction and it can fit in the lens case while attached. In order to prevent the Arca Swiss clamp from falling off, Safety Stopper Screws are supplied.


  • This product is compatible with the Arca Swiss screw knob clamp. Please ensure that it is screwed and fixed tightly. This product is not designed for lever type clamps. There are some lever clamps available that do not fix firmly and safely.
  • Please ensure that 2 Safety Stopper Screws (supplied) are always fixed so that the Arca Swiss clamp will not fall off.