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your loved ones

The loved ones captured by heart.

A treasured loved one is someone who you care for unconditionally.

Everyone is someone's loved one regardless of who they are,
and this is the most beautiful thing in the world.

This appreciation is special and sincere.

This love is treasured and timeless.

We invite you to celebrate the loved ones in your life through photography,
and share your love, joy and passion with those most precious to you.

Tony Noel [France]


Ambre is a 21year-old model sharing her time between marketing studies and photoshoots. Always looking for inspiration, I love how open she is to other cultures and willing to share. Listening to her talking about her recent trips is always a pleasure!



Sébastien aka Bess is an artist from my hometown of Lyon. His background is hairspray but he was one of the first to embrace digital. A very creative man… but first of all, he’s the coolest dad, always looking to transmit his knowledge with his daughter and everyone he meets. Great guy I always love to talk with!



Huge talent there. Heeven is a only 24-year-old model but the man is an all-rounder talent. His first passion was Parkour but he’s also a self-taught piano player. Not your casual friend playing some notes at the party. No ! Heeven is an awesome player and performed with national orchestras. If you come to Lyon, try to catch him!



Jim is 35 years old and working in the same building as me. Also a photographer. His life is all about street culture and being involved in the neighborhood. You can always count on him!



Markus is a bigger than life character from the 1st district of Lyon. At 70, the man has been the boss of a very famous library of my neighborhood for 32 years now. His collection is huge. From novels to comics, you’ll probably be able to find your holy grail there if you’re willing to search! Feel free to talk to him about Comics if you come to Lyon. He knows everything.



Madeleine had been a dancer since her childhood. She’s now 23 and pursuing a career as a classical dancer. Love this dedication! She’s dancing for the Opera of Nice, France actually, but performed at Bayerisches Staatballet in Munich. I love how graceful she is and how smooth her movements are. A joy to shot. Thanks, Madeleine!



Leo, 30 years old, is a father of two and optician like no other. His thing is travelling to find glasses, sometimes very unique ones, fix them and offer them to the customers of his shop Retroviseur Workshop. I love how creative, and eco-conscious he is. I always feel great in his shop, listening to records with him.


Theodora & Emma

Theo is a dancer and choreographer from Lille, North of France but established worldwide and very famous for her incredible style and strong charisma. Born to be a dancer, her life is all about it. I absolutely love how full of passion she is and how she’s always prone to share tips and tricks with others, like this day with her friend Emma, model and dancer with a hell of a look. Check them out!



Younès. 19 years old. He’s the new guy on the playground where dancers are used to rehearse here but coming from a family of dancers, you know you’ll hear about him! Always there to repeat power moves and tricks. Great guy to go out with


Du Li Chao [China]


Emily is a senior editor of a famous international fashion magazine and my former colleague. She looks cool but she is warm and fun deep inside.

Kendo master in the best kendo gym. He is a very strict teacher and sets his standard high for himself on moral qualities and professions.


Rock is a movie producer. He is a man of few words but impressively passionate at work. If you ask me to describe him, I would say:” Silent and pleasant”


Nian-en, a model who becomes a good friend from work. I am attracted to her independent personality and Oriental appearance.

Jin ye

Jin ye, a cordwainer who is a good neighbour living in my community and a true artisan I admire very much. He is also an enthusiastic CD collector.

Lee Wai

Lee Wai, a host at Zhejiang Television. He is very skilful in all ways and bright. I never get tired of listening to him sharing his stories.

Mina Daimon [Japan]

Abigail Steed [United Kingdom]


85mm F1.4 DG DN

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