Your relationship with photography is
about to be transformed.

We're reorganizing all our lenses into three product lines.

SIGMA is organizing all its interchangeable lenses into three product lines. Each line has its own clearly defined concept, and every lens we develop from now on will be assigned to one of these lines.

Our objective is not to impose a new way of categorizing equipment, but simply to clarify the approach we have taken in developing each new lens. Our hope is that these new product lines will help guide photographers, giving an overview of the type of image creation each lens was designed to support.

You might think of it as adding tags to a database. The new product line categories provide additional guidance, but it is ultimately the photographer who will consider this information in choosing the right lens.
As we take our lenses to a new level of quality we’re providing additional information that describes them from a new perspective.

Simply by identifying the product line that resonates with his or her own photographic orientation, any photographer will be able to find the right SIGMA lenses quickly and easily. This is sure to close the gap between the photos you’re taking now and the photos you’re capable of taking. SIGMA’s new product lines are going to redefine the way you relate to photography.

We're reorganizing all our lenses
into three product lines.

Art | Contemporary | Sports



Unbeatable expressive performance
—lenses for the artist in you

Designed with a focus on sophisticated optical performance and tremendous expressive power, our Art line delivers high-level artistic quality.

With unsurpassed expressive performance, these lenses reach the high standards demanded by photographers with an artistic, creative inclination. Developed with the maximum emphasis on artistic touch, our Art line lenses are designed to meet the expectations of users who value a creative, dramatic outcome above compactness and multifunction. Along with landscapes, portraits, still-life, close-up and casual snaps, they’re perfect for the kind of photography that unleashes the inner artist. Ideal for studio photography, they offer just as much expressive scope when capturing architecture, starry skies, underwater shots and many other scenes.

Large-aperture prime lenses
Wide-angle lenses
Ultra-wide-angle lenses
Macro lenses
Fisheye lenses and more



High-performance, yet compact and lightweight
—true all-round lenses

Featuring the very latest technology, and combining optical performance with compactness, our high-performance Contemporary line covers a wide range of needs.

Incorporating the very latest technology in these lenses, SIGMA has solved the difficult problem of keeping size and weight low without compromising on advanced optical performance or utility. High-performance, versatile, compact and superbly portable, the lenses in our Contemporary line can handle landscape shots on your travels, casual snapshots, family pictures, and all sorts of other photo opportunities.

Standard zoom lenses
Telephoto zoom lenses
High-magnification zoom lenses and more



Sophisticated and agile
when it comes to capturing action and movement
—high-performance lenses for dynamic shooting

Offering sophisticated optical performance and expressive capabilities our Sports line lenses deliver high action-capture performance, enabling photographers to get exactly the shots they want.

With their high-level optical performance and expressive power, these lenses can capture fast-moving subjects, even at distance. This high-performance line also offers a variety of functions to aid the photographer in challenging conditions and scenarios. Besides sports photography, the lenses are also perfect for nature shots featuring birds, wild animals and other creatures, and for capture of aircraft, trains, race cars and more. Another major feature of our Sports line lenses is their wide range of customization functions: using the software provided, all sorts of settings can be tailored to the personal preferences of the photographer.

Telephoto lenses
Telephoto zoom lenses
Super telephoto lenses
Super telephoto zoom lenses and more