Binning Function Impression

ISO 1600 : Using Binning Function

Express the vivid colors which had become dull by the high ISO

The early morning light was low and a strong wind was blowing. Even by using a tripod to prevent camera shake, it was a condition that was likely to cause subject blur.
In this case, although it is necessary to increase the shutter speed, the amount of light is also low, so the result will be increasing the ISO.
However, when you take the photograph with high ISO, usually the color does not appear well and it will create a dull expression.
Although it’s possible to increase saturation in post-processing, if you make extreme corrections, the richness and atmosphere will fade away from the photograph. In such a case, using the binning function of SIGMA Photo Pro often produces great results.

This function works when the ISO is over 800 and develops multiple pixels together as one pixel. In this way the color reproduction improves as it is before increasing the ISO. For this shooting I tried the binning function and it expressed the vivid colors which had become dull by the high ISO.
In the examples, the photos taken with ISO 100, 800, 1600, and the photos developed using the binning function are all processed with the same parameters.

Although the number of pixels eventually decreases to make multiple pixels one, as long as the photograph is not for large prints, it is an effective function.
For us photographers, having multiple options when shooting and developing will greatly increase the range of expressions.

ISO 100

ISO 800 : Normal

ISO 800 : Using Binning Function

ISO 1600 : Normal

ISO 1600 : Using Binning Function