I see what you see.
SIGMA I series special movie

The cold, bold texture of the metal. The weight that feels just right. The ring with an addictive touch and operation. The clicking sound that you want to move and hear over and over again.
The deep sense of satisfaction that makes your heart skip a beat just by its presence by your side.
The SIGMA I series has been developed with the aim of fulfilling desires that could not be satisfied with lenses ever before.

The special movie depicts daily life with the I series and the small but important joys that come with it.

Director Interview

If you think about it again, I think the relationship between a user and a lens is very romantic, as they live together, share their daily experiences, and record all the scenes, touches, beautiful moments, and sights to hopefully preserve through one another. I aimed to create a video that captures this delicate, intimate daily life which no one else can enter, in a fun and cute way.
The music was originally a pun idea (The song “Hymne à l’amour” translates “If You Love Me” in English, and Love pronounces A-I in Japanese, which is the same sound as “I” for I series), but I also think the arrangement fits well together to craft a strange but deep love story.

Yosuke Kobayashi
Born in Nagano city, Nagano prefecture in 1987. Works at Spoon. since 2010, and at OND° since 2019.
Director of commercials, music videos and short films.
Portfolio: “viewers:1”, SIGMA Magnetic metal cap promotional video, Daihatsu Move Canbus commercial “COLORING LIFE”, “Chainsaw Man” promotional video and so on.


Nobuyuki Takahashi
Manga artist. Illustrator.
Born in Nagoya city in 1995.
Debut with “目移り男の結論“ on the Morning magazine published by Kodansha in 2019.
Released “恋、ヒトゴトに及ぶ” vol.1 (single volume) from SHONENGAHOSHA Young King Ours in 2021.


Yosuke Kobayashi (OND°)

Keisuke Tsujimoto

Assistant to cinematographer
Yuji Otawa (L’espace Vision)

Lighting designer
Yasuhiro Ohte (LIGHT UP)

Assistant to lighting designer
Yuduki Sanpei (LIGHT UP)

Nobuyuki Takahashi

Offline Edit
Masayuki Kubo (CONNECTION)

Motoi Tanaka (L’espace Vision)

Kenichi Yano (Spoon.inc)
Hirokazu Tomita (Spoon.inc)

Production manager
Miharu Tamura (Spoon.inc)
Kyoka Yuge (Spoon.inc)

Still photography
Keisuke Tsujimoto
Yosuke Kobayashi (OND°)
Kenichi Yano (Spoon.inc)
Hirokazu Tomita (Spoon.inc)
Miharu Tamura (Spoon.inc)
Kyoka Yuge (Spoon.inc)
Ryo Kamiya (Spoon.inc)

Masayuki Noda

Fumio Yasue (Tacit Knowledge Sound LLC)