SIGMA fp Style 10

Uroš Podlogar

Commercial Photographer / Videographer

I started my photography and videography career path only a few years ago, but it turned out to be a lot more than just work; it became my passion and way of life. My work focuses mainly on outdoor, adventure, sports and lifestyle videography and photography – the more extreme the location, the better. To me, the natural world offers endless breathtaking opportunities and gives me the chance to capture the natural side of people. Early morning sunrises are my guilty pleasure, and even though they’re difficult to capture, I enjoy the challenge of it.

It is true that Sony FX9 is my main camera gear, however, its downside is its size. Sometimes I really have to pack light when going to a project so this is why the fp is so important to me. It is the smallest full-frame mirrorless camera on the market but doesn’t be fooled by its pocket-size!
As mentioned quite a number of my projects are shot outdoor and in extreme locations where I have limited space and need a smaller camera accompanying me, so the fp is the best fit for me in such situations. Also, the fp is a camera which works great in low light which is pretty cool as I love shooting in the early morning hours or at dawn where the light is really demanding!

*Images without photograph data have been created with cameras by other manufacturers

On my projects I can easily get wet and dirty, working in quarries, on muddy racetracks, shooting on the water so a feature that is really important to me is the fp’s dust and waterproof structure as well as its face and eye detector that helps me focus on the surroundings and ambiance as well not just on the subject I am shooting.

Comment for the photo in the kayak with the fp on it – On projects like this the fp is super useful as I don’t have to worry about taking excess gear with me and the fp’s waterproof structure comes in very handy as it is inevitable to get a few drops of water on the camera while shooting on such locations!

I’ve had the chance to work with the fp on a couple of my video projects and not only is the fp a full-frame interchangeable lens camera, but it also makes an amazing quality of the picture and allows me to shoot in 4K cine shooting. The FP cinema camera footage is “wow”, especially when shooting RAW video in 12 bit 4k!

So this is an amazing alternative and a piece of gear that lately finds its place on all my travels and projects.