To our valued customers who waited patiently for the SD14 camera.

Dear Customers,

Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce that the SD14 will be released worldwide on March 6, 2007.

Last November, we found it necessary to postpone delivery of this camera. We deeply apologize for this delay but feel that the wait has been worthwhile and we very much appreciate your patience.

Beyond the worldwide release on March 6, we would like to assure you that we have worked hard to refine the SD14. The hardware issues that caused us to withhold the camera have now been fixed, and it is with some pride that we send this photographic tool into the market. I personally hope you will enjoy the image quality of the SD14.

We have received many messages from our customers since my announcement last December. I have also read many of the postings in the Internet forum on this topic. I expected to receive severe criticism for our decision, and this was the case in a few instances. However, I was also very gratified to read so many positive and encouraging messages, and I was pleased that members of the Sigma Users community by and large understood how difficult and yet necessary it was for us to take this step.

Each time I read such a message, I was impressed and moved by your patient and cooperative attitude. More importantly, our engineers were also greatly encouraged by the support they received from you. I say with sincerity that all of us at Sigma are very proud to have such supporters. You are clearly our company’s most important asset.

Our commitment to you does not end with the release of the SD14, of course. We feel we have done our job as best as we can. However, we are aware that we may not have found everything. Once you have received your SD14, I would like to encourage you to contact us directly if you have an issue with the camera that you feel we need to address or if you have suggestions for further improvement.

From the moment we decided to enter the market for digital cameras, it has been our mission to deliver the ideal photographic tool for enthusiast photographers using X3 direct imaging technology. We feel that the Foveon direct image imager is the best device for capturing still images in theory and in practice. We stand by this commitment, and we strongly believe that by working together with you, our loyal customers, we will make present and future cameras even better.

Thank you once again for your understanding and support.

Best regards,
Kazuto Yamaki
Chief Operating Officer
Sigma Corporation