SIGMA Photo Pro 6.1

Thank you for your continued patronage towards SIGMA products.

SIGMA Photo Pro 6.1 can be used for RAW data (X3F file) taken with all SIGMA cameras. We were planning to announce its availability within August. However, since we are currently ensuring the improvement of SIGMA Photo Pro 6.0 by releasing updates with first priority, for the development of SIGMA Photo Pro 6.1 we require more time than initially expected.

Under such circumstance, we would like to inform that the release of SIGMA Photo Pro 6.1 is rescheduled for October.
For everyone who has been looking forward to SIGMA Photo Pro 6.1, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but highly appreciate your kind understanding and patience.

For those who have RAW data (X3F file) taken with SIGMA cameras other than the SIGMA dp2 Quattro, Merrill series and SIGMA SD1, please continue using the conventional SIGMA Photo Pro 5.5.3.

Thank you for your cooperation.