SIGMA LCD Viewfinder LVF-01

We are pleased to inform you about the release of LCD Viewfinder LVF-01, which has been developed as a dedicated attachment for the dp Quattro camera series.
By attaching it to the dp Quattro camera’s LCD display, the LCD Viewfinder cuts off outside light and magnifies the LCD display by 2.5 times to allow photographers to check the focusing more easily. LCD Viewfinder LVF-01 incorporates a high performance lens and coating, ensuring clear and crisp visibility. Similar to using a viewfinder of a DSLR, holding the viewfinder to your eye allows more stable handling, thus reducing camera shake, and enables the photographer to see more detail in the image. LCD Viewfinder LVF-01 incorporates a diopter adjustment with a range from -2 to +1.

Image – camera sold separately.

UPC Code:0085126-931209

Magnification:2.5× | Diopter Scale:-2.0 ~ +1.0dpt | Eyepoint:20mm | Dimension:81.5(W)×70.9(H)×132.6mm(D) | Weight:260g | Supplied Accessories:Pouch and Eyepiece cap

* The appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.