SIGMA announces launch of its first web magazine “SEIN Online”

SIGMA announces launch of its first web magazine “SEIN Online”
SIGMA Corporation is proud to announce the launch of its first online magazine, SEIN Online. The magazine launches today, January 24, 2018, and can be found at the following address:
SEIN Online is an original web magazine created by SIGMA, manufacturer of digital cameras and interchangeable lenses for creative artists. The magazine’s aim is to share with its readers our passion and respect for visual culture and the art of photography, highlight our unique approach to manufacturing, and introduce the challenges and innovative ideas involved in our continuous quest to create the world’s best optical instruments.
Available in English
SEIN Online succeeds SEIN, a quarterly print magazine we started in 2014 to great success. In addition to the content already created for the printed SEIN our newly launched web magazine SEIN Online will see new categories and a constant addition of new articles in English and Japanese each month.

Original content capturing the heart of photography culture & expressing our brand philosophy

SEIN Online’s central theme can be summed up as “Life with photography, Scenes with SIGMA”. Employing a variety of forms — interviews, essays, special features and more — we aim to explore the joy and depth of taking photographs, of actively looking at the world. We aim to introduce our readers to new and fresh ways of thinking and imagining, and to illustrate SIGMA’s constant pursuit of innovative optical equipment of the highest quality.
Regular updates & new Instagram account
SEIN Online will be updated with new content four to five times each month, consisting of both newly created articles as well as material from SEIN’s archives.

Additionally, SIGMA launches an official SEIN Online Instagram account in order to further improve the reach and accessibility of SEIN Online’s content. We also plan to collaborate with other sites and services both in and outside of Japan.

SEIN Online’s official Instagram account:
An overview of SEIN Online’s categories
Scenery 〜Scenes captured with SIGMA
Sights, scenes and views captured by photographers throughout the world using SIGMA gear.
⇒Trevor Ryan McCall-Peat, Olli Bery, Jeff Hargrove, Bill Sullivan and others.

About SIGMA’s design philosophy and manufacturing approach based on continuous innovation.
⇒Interviews with higher-ups and representatives of SIGMA, reports on developing projects, special contributions and more.
Made in Aizu 〜Stories from our Aizu factory
Stories from the people manufacturing SIGMA’s high-quality gear at our factory in Aizu.
+SIGMA 〜SIGMA in unexpected places, SIGMA in unexpected hands
New category:Introducing interesting people and projects with an unexpected connection to SIGMA’s products or history. The category opens with photographer Yasuyuki Emori’s documentation of Takashi Nemoto’s ‘Guernica Project’

The Essentials 〜Thoughts and views

A column about everyday observations and things that matter, written by SIGMA president Kazuto Yamaki.
⇒Stories about the people, experiences, movies, music and books that have left an impression on our CEO Kazuto Yamaki.
From Curator
Photographers, photobooks, exhibitions and events that deserve attention, curated by Benrido Atelier director Taka Kawachi.
⇒Ryan McGinley, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Saul Leiter, Bruce Davidson、Alfred Stieglitz and others.
Ways of Seeing
A column exploring different ways of looking at photographs, written by photography critic Mika Kobayashi.
⇒Narahara Ikko,Miyako Ishiuchi,Aya Fujioka,Hiroh Kikai and others.(and Ichigo Sugawara, Mikio Hasui, Takashi Kakishima’s column)
[New categories to follow in February 2018]
SIGMA meets SEEKERS 〜Meet those who push boundaries
New horizons, fresh ideas — deeper interviews with thinkers and artists from various fields.
S’ neighbors 〜A photo file for the people who enjoy photography with SIGMA
A photography series introducing a diversity of photographs and shooting styles, dedicated to everyone who enjoys photography with SIGMA.
Elements that represent the essence of our Aizu factory’s craftsmanship.
Introducing the products and technologies that became a turning point in SIGMA’s continuous development of the perfect camera gear.
Frame of Memory 〜An essay about memorable photographs〜
A four-part photo essay series about ‘a life with photography’

About SEIN, SIGMA’s original print magazine

We launched SEIN, our original quarterly magazine, in 2014. It was SIGMA’s first foray into owned media.SEIN was distributed to registered readers four times per year, free of charge. Additionally, the magazine could be picked up for free at camera stores all around Japan.

It is SIGMA’s policy to produce 100% of our products in-house. We stuck to this policy when creating SEIN, and produced a total of 13 issues (32 colored pages, Japanese & English, 40’000 copies per issue) that were well received in Japan and internationally.
In order to further expand the magazine’s reach beyond Japan’s borders, we decided to re-launch SEIN as an online magazine.

For more information about SEIN, please visit
SEIN and SEIN Online take their name from the German word for ‘to exist’, ‘to be’.
We hope that, with all the interesting and worthwhile content we are going to publish, SEIN will continue to exist as a bridge between SIGMA and our customers in its new life as a web magazine.
About SIGMA Corporation

We are an optical equipment manufacturer that produces and sells digital cameras, interchangeable lenses, electronic flash units and other accessories for use in photography.

Since our foundation in 1961, we have introduced a wide variety of interchangeable lenses to the marketplace, and we have proudly put our brand name on many innovations in the field of photography. We are a global company with a strong presence in Japan and around the world.

As of January 2018, we have 8 subsidiary companies in 6 countries and maintain a sales network in 70 countries and regions globally.

Foveon, Inc. (Located in San Jose, California), a wholly owned SIGMA subsidiary, develops image sensor technology for use in our products. Nearly every single step of our manufacturing process is handled in-house — from lens polishing, the casting and production of plastic and other small parts, painting, the creation mounting of electrical boards and even the manufacture of our own metal molds. While many companies have started relying on external, international supply chains, we prefer to manufacture everything at our factory in Aizu, for the reliable Made in Japan quality.

Under the SIGMA brand, we develop and manufacture all of our digital cameras, interchangeable lenses, and accessories in house, and we are the largest independent lens manufacturer to offer products on the global market.

Ideas never before thought of. Products and services never before created. Crafting optical instruments full of innovation and potential.

That is our identity.

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