Participation in KYOTOGRAPHIE-related satellite event KG+2019

SIGMA, creator of photographic gear for artists, announces participation
in KYOTOGRAPHIE satellite event “KG+ 2019” as main sponsor
and organizer of dedicated photography exhibition.

SIGMA is pleased to announce its participation in KG+2019, the satellite event of the KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival which aims to showcase and support emerging photographers and curators, as the event’s main sponsor. Both KG+2019 and KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival will be held in various locations throughout Kyoto between April 12 and May 12, 2019.

SIGMA’s sponsorship entails the support of all “SELECT 12” artists of the KG+ AWARD—founded to highlight the works of emerging talents and launch their careers as artists—as well as its selection committee, and providing supplementary prizes for the award’s Grand Prix & Audience Award winners.

Furthermore, SIGMA will hold a dedicated photographic exhibition featuring works by Japanese photographer Go Itami. Itami will present a series of images that focus on SIGMA’s unique manufacturing site in Fukushima Prefecture’s Aizu region. A display of photographic gear by SIGMA as well as exclusive SIGMA × KG+ goods will also be available at the exhibition venue.

■Why we decided to sponsor KG+

A manufacturer who thinks seriously about gear & photography

SIGMA constantly re-evaluates the relationship between gear and photography, between technology and expression. As devoted creators of unique, high-quality cameras and lenses, we take the manufacture of our products seriously. However, we understand it as equally important to share the richness and beauty of photography as an art-form, and to provide a stage to upcoming photography talents.

Through our cooperation with KG+ this year, we go one step further in our role as photographic gear manufacturers to develop and explore the possibilities of photography.

Supporting emerging artists

KG+ is an art project that started in 2013 with the expressive mission to support artists and curators with promising careers ahead of them. Through its cooperation with KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photo Fair, the event is able to provide a meeting space for Japanese and international photographers, artists, curators and gallerists, and serve as a global information hotspot.

We began our cooperation with KG+ in 2018 as one further step in our role as manufacturers of photographic gear to explore and widen the possibilities of photography and deepen the link between “seeing” and “capturing.”


■Sponsored party

KG+ 2019 KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite Event

■Other cooperation|KG+ AWARD Supplementary prize support

Support for the KG+ AWARD SELECT 12 artists
– provide all twelve artists with the funds necessary to partake in the exhibition

Support for the KG+ AWARD SELECT 12 committee
– provide the funds necessary for selection committee

Supplementary prize for the winner of the KG+ AWARD Grand Prix
– provide the recipient with 100.000 Yen worth of camera and lens gear

Supplementary prize for the winner of the KG+ AWARD Audience award
– provide the winner of the Audience Award with commemorative goods

■Participation in the main program

SIGMA Satellite Gallery in Kyoto 2019
Go Itami Special Exhibition with FOVEON

©Go Itami

SIGMA will hold a special exhibition with new works by internationally acclaimed photographer Go Itami, whose photobook “photocopy” was shot almost entirely with the SIGMA sd Quattro H and SIGMA dp3 Quattro.
For the exhibition, Go Itami focuses on SIGMA’s unique manufacturing plant in Fukushima Prefecture’s Aizu region, this time relying on the SIGMA sd Quattro H. This series sees Go Itami utilize the overwhelming resolution and brilliant color reproduction capabilities of SIGMA’s Foveon-equipped camera to capture the Aizu factory—the site of SIGMA’s manufacturing activities—in truly unique ways. We look forward to welcome you at the exhibition.

Go Itami
Photographer. Born in 1976 in Tokushima Prefecture. Recipient of the 27th Canon New Cosmos of Photography Award in 2004. Photobook publications include “study”, “study / copy / print”, “this year’s model” (all published by Rondade) as well as the self- published “Mazime”. His latest work “photocopy” was almost exclusively shot with the SIGMA sd Quattro H and the SIGMA dp3 Quattro.

Exhibition period4/12 [Sat] – 5/12[Sun] 11:00-18:00(11:00-17:00 on 5/12)
*Closed 4/15[Mon],4/22[Mon],5/7[Tue]

VenueJARFO  kyo-bunpaku
604-8183 Higashikatacho 623-1, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city JAPAN

Entrance feeFree

KG2019 KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite Event Outline

Started in 2013, KG+ is an open-entry art festival dedicated to discovering and fostering talent among photographers, curators and gallerists alike. For this, our seventh annual edition in 2019, we are making various changes in procedures to insure a more fair and transparent festival for all. We offer an exhibition platform for ambitious talents work in all forms of photography — a launch pad for Japanese artists seeking worldwide attention and for foreign artists wanting entrée to Japan.
As a satellite of the main invitational KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival held concurrently each spring in Kyoto, KG+ affords an ideal forum for meeting and sharing information with the international photographic arts community, along with a participatory public outreach environment for visitors and local citizens. Presented citywide at a variety of venues, including the Junpu former elementary school, heritage houses and traditional shops, temples and historic sites, as well as “white cube” galleries, the possibilities for diverse creative expressions are far greater than with more conventional visual arts festivals. (from KG+ Official site)

About SIGMA’s sponsorship of KYOTOGRAPHIE 2017 and KG+2018

SIGMA sponsored the KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival 2017, and its satellite event KG+ in 2018.
For the KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival 2017, SIGMA hosted a time-limited exhibition of its vast library of Japanese and international photobooks – the first time the library was opened to the public – as part of the festival’s associated program.
In 2018, SIGMA joined satellite event KG+ as its main sponsor and host of several events, including the Go Itami exhibition “photocopy #2” as well as several presentations and discussions.

[2017|LOVE Photobook Library from SIGMA Collection]

[2018|SIGMA Satellite Gallery Go Itami Special Exhibition with FOVEON]