SIGMA X3F Plug-in for Photoshop® 1.1.0 Windows and Macintosh download

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    We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest Adobe® Photoshop® Plug-in SIGMA X3F Plug-in for Photoshop®.
    This download service is for the DP Merrill series, dp Quattro series, SD1/SD1 Merrill series, sd Quattro series and customers who are using Adobe® Photoshop® CC.

    Benefits of SIGMA X3F Plug-in for Photoshop®

    【SIGMA X3F Plug-in for Photoshop® Windows / Macintosh】
    ・Exif information is now recorded in saved image files.
    ・Photoshop CC can recognize the color space embedded in X3F.

    * For customers using macOS10.15 Catalina, please update to this version.

    SIGMA X3F Plug-in for Photoshop® Macintosh is available to download from the following site.

    【SIGMA X3F Plug-in for Photoshop® Download page】

    For further information, please contact your nearest authorized SIGMA subsidiary / distributor.

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