SEIN – SIGMA’s online magazine | Temporary pause due to website renewal

Thank you for your continued interest in our products and contents.

We have decided to temporarily pause updating SEIN, SIGMA’s online magazine, with new content.

We are currently preparing for a complete renewal of SIGMA’s official website (
The online magazine SEIN will be part of the renewal, which will bring improvements to SEIN’s content and organization.
Therefore, during the preparations there will be no further articles published on SEIN.

SIGMA’s renewed website is scheduled to be unveiled in 2021 spring, and we plan to continue publishing new content on SEIN again from that point.

We apologize deeply for the suddenness of this announcement and to everyone who has been looking forward to new articles and columns.
We will take our site renewal as an opportunity to advance all of SIGMA’s online contents, including SEIN, for a fuller and more well-rounded reading experience. Please stay tuned for further updates.

— About SEIN during its temporary update pause
SEIN will continue to be available, but no new content will be added until the unveiling of the renewed website.
All previously published articles and columns will stay online as part of SEIN’s archive.

— SEIN on Instagram
During the pause (beginning in July 2020), there will be no new updates on SEIN’s official Instagram account.

We look forward to greeting you on SEIN again soon.

— SEIN editorial team