SIGMA announces a new branded movie “WHAT’S A GOOD PHOTO TO YOU?”

SIGMA is pleased to announce “WHAT’S A GOOD PHOTO TO YOU?” as a new branded movie.
For over a year, filmmaker Yu Yamanaka approached almost one hundred people —among them professionals and amateurs, veterans and beginners, some well-known and some who preferred to stay anonymous— to ask them one question: What’s a good photo to you?

Through each person’s answers, there seems to be the shared message that SIGMA has held as important since the company’s foundation: when people are moved, people are inspired to take photographs. And every photograph, just like every life, is amazing.

(34 minutes long with English and Japanese subtitles)

“WHAT’S A GOOD PHOTO TO YOU?” Special page

[Film Information]

Director: Yu Yamanaka (Blue Documentary)
Producer: Keishiro Sato (Blue Documentary)
Everyone who was interviewed
Ayana Imaida (Camera collector/Photographer)
Tomoko Sawada (Artist)
Harumichi Saito (Photographer)
Shiho Fukada (Filmmaker/Photographer)
Yoshihiko Ueda (Photographer)
Tamotsu Fujii (Photographer)
*order of appearance

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