Dial/Button Conversion Servicefor the SIGMA fp

    Service Overview

    With this for-fee customization service exclusively for the SIGMA fp, SIGMA converts certain parts to those of SIGMA fp L, the newest model from the fp series.

    The parts to be converted

    1Rear Dial
    The converted Rear Dial will give a firmer click feeling.

    2MODE button
    The height of the MODE button will be lower (The button stroke stays the same).

    3Microphone/Cable Release Terminal Cover
    The protruding edge that aided in pulling back the cover will be removed.

    Note 1: This service includes the following:

    • Exterior cleaning
    • Sensor cleaning
    • Firmware update (upon request)

    Note 2: Original parts will not be returned.

    Contents of Service

    1. Applicable Product

    SIGMA fp

    2. Cost

    It depends on each country and territory.
    Note: For further information, please contact your nearest authorized SIGMA
    subsidiary / distributor.


    3. How long the service takes

    It depends on each country and territory.
    In Japan, it is expected to take about 2 weeks. (Please confirm it when you apply for this service.)

    4. How we conduct the service

    Please contact your nearest authorized subsidiary / distributor of SIGMA.

    5. Warranty Period

    The warranty period after the installation will depend on each country’s law.