Cameras fp Dedicated accessories

  • HU-11
    SIGMA HOT SHOE UNIT HU-11 (Supplied)

    A removable hot shoe unit with a mechanism to prevent HDMI cable from coming off. It comes as attached to the body of the SIGMA fp.

  • LVF-11
    SIGMA LCD VIEW FINDER LVF-11 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93735-5

    A viewfinder designed exclusively for use with the SIGMA fp. It can be mounted over the LCD monitor and cuts out extraneous light. With a 2.5x* magnification, it helps photographers to check the focus and decide on composition. The specially designed, high-performance lens and special coating secure great visibility. * The value of magnification was determined based on a definition commonly used for calculating the power of a magnifying glass. * SIGMA BASE PLATE BPL-11 Supplied.

  • BPL-11
    SIGMA BASE PLATE BPL-11 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93736-2

    A base plate designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp. In addition to mounting an LCD VIEWFINDER LVF-11 to the body, it can also be utilized to attach standard accessories commonly used for video shooting by using 3/8-inch threads.

  • HG-11
    SIGMA HAND GRIP HG-11 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93733-1

    A grip designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp for an improved hold.

  • HG-21
    SIGMA LARGE HAND GRIP HG-21 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93734-8

    A large grip that further enhances a secure hold, designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp.

  • CR-41
    SIGMA CABLE RELEASE CR-41 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93737-9

    A cable release designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp. It comes with a φ3.5mm stereo mini plug to connect the microphone.

  • EF-630 SA-STTL
    ELECTRONIC FLASH:EF-630 SA-STTL Barcode No.: SIGMA 00-85126-93292-3

    With the high-power EF-630 flash mounted, the SIGMA fp is capable of S-TTL auto shooting.

  • MC-21
    Barcode No.: SIGMA 00-85126-93724-9 、CANON 00-85126-93723-2

    A converter that enables the use of the SIGMA SA mount and SIGMA's CANON EF mount interchangeable lenses on L-Mount cameras.

  • MC-31
    SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER:MC-31 Available mount: PL-L
    Barcode No.: TBD

    The new MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31 allows you to use your PL mount interchangeable lenses with the L-Mount camera body, such as SIGMA fp.

  • BG-11
    BASE GRIP:BG-11 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93144-5

    When it is attached to the screw hole on the bottom surface of the camera, it allows handgrip-style of shooting. It is compact and convenient and therefore very easy to carry. The bottom part of the Base Grip BG-11 has a screw hole so that it can attach directly to a tripod.

  • SIGMA AC ADAPTER SAC-7P Barcode No.: 00-85126-93748-5

    An adapter designed exclusively to power the SIGMA fp from a household power outlet. Ideal for use when shooting for long hours, playing images, and connecting the camera to a PC. It comes with the SIGMA DC CONNECTOR CN-21.

  • SIGMA DC CONNECTOR CN-21 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93738-6

    A connector that connects the SIGMA fp to an AC adapter or external power supply source.

  • SIGMA BATTERY CHARGER BC-71 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93740-9

    A battery charger set designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp's battery BP-51.

  • LI-ION BATTERY BP-51(Supplied) Barcode No.: 00-85126-93039-4

    This dedicated battery is included as standard equipment for the SIGMA fp.

Recommended Accessories

  • A-e2eosc

    The A-E2EOSC allows IDX ENDURA batteries to power SIGMA fp.
    It allows to use the V mount battery, and helps long time shooting.
    Note:It requires SIGMA DC CONECTOR CN-21 to connect to SIGMA fp.

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  • Samsung Portable SSD T5
    Samsung Portable SSD T5

    A compact and light, yet durable portable SSD. In combination with SIGMA fp, 4K UHD video can be recorded in Cinema DNG format.
    Transfers and backups large-sized data including 4K videos and high-resolution photos.
    Note: Only 1TB and 2TB can be used in combination with SIGMA fp.

  • Timecode Systems UltraSync ONE
    Timecode Systems UltraSync ONE

    It is a lightweight, compact, time code generator that can be driven for over 25 hours with the built-in battery.
    It is possible to record timecode on audio tracks in combination with SIGMA fp.
    Dramatically streamline multi-camera synchronization.
    ・Timecode Systems TCB-52 or TCB-53 is required to connect to SIGMA fp.
    ・The time code signal recorded on the audio track needs to be decoded.
    ・AVID Media Composer or Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve can be decoded as standard.
    ・Set the LTC Output Level to MIC Level - 70mVpp signal when using.

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  • Blackmagic Video Assist 4K
    Blackmagic Video Assist 4K

    This is a portable recorder with integrated monitor that supports HD / Ultra HD recording up to 2160p30.
    In combination with SIGMA fp, professional monitoring and recording is possible.

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  • SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD
    SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    An external SDD that realizes high-speed transfer at a reading speed of up to 550MB / sec.
    Ideal for storing and editing high resolution photos and videos.
    Note: Only 1TB and 2TB can be used in combination with SIGMA fp.

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  • SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD
    SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD

    A compact and rugged external SSD with unique ultra-high speed NVMe technology and a transfer speed up to 1050MB / sec.
    Note: Only 1TB can be used in combination with SIGMA fp.

  • Delkin Juggler USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C cinema SSDc
    Delkin Juggler USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C cinema SSD

    Designed with a removable USB Type-C (USB-C) cable, the Juggler™ SSD works with a variety of USB-C supported cameras, including the SIGMA fp.
    Utilizes a 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C interface to achieve read speeds up to 1050MB / s and write speeds up to 1000MB / s.
    * 2TB only

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  • Delkin SDXC 2000X UHS-II (U3/V90) :256GB | 128GB | 64GB
    Delkin SDXC 2000X UHS-II (U3/V90) :256GB | 128GB | 64GB

    Compatible with Video Speed Class 90 (V90) (90MB / s minimum writing speed guarantee).
    There is no interruption due to insufficient writing speed when shooting 4K and 8K movies with cinema quality.
    Data read: 300MB / s Data write: Ultra high-speed data transfer of 250MB / s is possible.
    Certified product that has passed the operation test with SIGMA fp.

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