Cameras fp Dedicated accessories

  • HU-11
    SIGMA HOT SHOE UNIT HU-11 (Supplied)

    A removable hot shoe unit with a mechanism to prevent HDMI cable from coming off. It comes as attached to the body of the SIGMA fp.

  • LVF-11
    SIGMA LCD VIEW FINDER LVF-11 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93735-5

    A viewfinder designed exclusively for use with the SIGMA fp. It can be mounted over the LCD monitor and cuts out extraneous light. With a 2.5x* magnification, it helps photographers to check the focus and decide on composition. The specially designed, high-performance lens and special coating secure great visibility. * The value of magnification was determined based on a definition commonly used for calculating the power of a magnifying glass. * SIGMA BASE PLATE BPL-11 Supplied.

  • BPL-11
    SIGMA BASE PLATE BPL-11 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93736-2

    A base plate designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp. In addition to mounting an LCD VIEWFINDER LVF-11 to the body, it can also be utilized to attach standard accessories commonly used for video shooting by using 3/8-inch threads.

  • HG-11
    SIGMA HAND GRIP HG-11 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93733-1

    A grip designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp for an improved hold.

  • HG-21
    SIGMA LARGE HAND GRIP HG-21 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93734-8

    A large grip that further enhances a secure hold, designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp.

  • CR-41
    SIGMA CABLE RELEASE CR-41 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93737-9

    A cable release designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp. It comes with a φ3.5mm stereo mini plug to connect the microphone.

  • EF-630 SA-STTL
    ELECTRONIC FLASH:EF-630 SA-STTL Barcode No.: SIGMA 00-85126-93292-3

    With the high-power EF-630 flash mounted, the SIGMA fp is capable of S-TTL auto shooting.

  • MC-21
    Barcode No.: SIGMA 00-85126-93724-9 、CANON 00-85126-93723-2

    A converter that enables the use of the SIGMA SA mount and SIGMA's CANON EF mount interchangeable lenses on L-Mount cameras.

  • MC-31
    SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER:MC-31 Available mount: PL-L
    Barcode No.: TBD

    The new MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31 allows you to use your PL mount interchangeable lenses with the L-Mount camera body, such as SIGMA fp.

  • BG-11
    BASE GRIP:BG-11 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93144-5

    When it is attached to the screw hole on the bottom surface of the camera, it allows handgrip-style of shooting. It is compact and convenient and therefore very easy to carry. The bottom part of the Base Grip BG-11 has a screw hole so that it can attach directly to a tripod.

  • SIGMA AC ADAPTER SAC-7P Barcode No.: 00-85126-93748-5

    An adapter designed exclusively to power the SIGMA fp from a household power outlet. Ideal for use when shooting for long hours, playing images, and connecting the camera to a PC. It comes with the SIGMA DC CONNECTOR CN-21.

  • SIGMA DC CONNECTOR CN-21 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93738-6

    A connector that connects the SIGMA fp to an AC adapter or external power supply source.

  • SIGMA BATTERY CHARGER BC-71 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93740-9

    A battery charger set designed exclusively for the SIGMA fp's battery BP-51.

  • LI-ION BATTERY BP-51(Supplied) Barcode No.: 00-85126-93039-4

    This dedicated battery is included as standard equipment for the SIGMA fp.

Recommended Accessories

  • A-e2eosc

    The A-E2EOSC allows IDX ENDURA batteries to power SIGMA fp.
    It allows to use the V mount battery, and helps long time shooting.
    Note:It requires SIGMA DC CONECTOR CN-21 to connect to SIGMA fp.

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