Compact Easy to use SLR camera





35-mm AF single-reflex camera with focal-plane shutter

Compatible film

35-mm cartridge film

Image size


Compatible lenses

Sigma SA mount lens group

Lens mount

Sigma SA bayonet mount



Penta mirror type, single-lens reflex viewfinder
Fixed full-surface matte screen, crisscross focus frame, partial metering area.

Viewfinder Frame Coverage

92% vertical, 92% horizontal

Viewfinder Magnification

0.7 x (50 mm lens at infinity)

Diopter Adjustment Range

-1.5 to +1.5 diopters

Viewfinder indications

Flash indication, focus indication, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, auto bracket, AE lock indications


Quick-return type, AF half-mirror


Auto Focus Type

TTL phase difference detection system

AF Operating Range

EV-1 to EV+18 (ISO 100)

Focus modes

AF-S (single), AF-C (continuous), AF lock after focusing in AF-S mode. Also equipped with motion prediction function in AF-C mode

Exposure Control

Metering Systems

8-segment evaluative metering, center metering, center-weighted average metering, user selectable

Metering Range

EV-1 to 20 (with F1.4 lens ISO 100)

Exposure Control System

(P) Program auto exposure mode with shift function, (S) Shutter speed Priority auto exposure mode, (A) Aperture Priority auto exposure mode, (M) Manual exposure mode

ISO Sensitivity

DX: ISO 25 to 5000
Manual: ISO 6 to 6400 (1/3 steps)

Exposure compensation

±3EV (1/2steps)

AE lock

Pushbutton type (exposure settings are locked while the button is depressed)

Auto Bracketing

Three consecutive pictures at standard exposure, underexposure, and overexposure
Maximum variation of ±3 EV in 1/2 EV steps


Shutter Type

Vertical-travel metal focal plane shutter electronically controlled throughout entire speed range

Shutter Speed

Auto mode: P, A modes, 1/2000 to 30 sec. stepless, S mode: 1/2000 to 4 sec. (dial type) in 1 EV steps.
M mode: Dial type 1/2000 to 4 sec. (1EV steps), bulb

Film wind and rewind

Automatic advance and rewinding by built-in motor, automatic stop after rewinding Continuous advance possible (maximum: about 1.5 frames per second), mid-roll rewind possible


Built-in Flash

TTL auto light control system (GN 12/m (40/ft) at ISO 100 manual pull-up type), equipped with red-eye reduction with light pulse function and slow synchronization.

External flash synchronization

Hot shoe (contact X, synchronized at 1/90-sec. or less, with dedicated flash-linking contact), synchronization with high shutter speeds of up to 1/2000-sec. when using EF-500 Super in FP flash mode


Data back (QD type only)

Auto date quartz-control LCD

Date formats (QD type only)

1. year, month, day / 2. month, day, year / 3. day, month, year / 4. day, time (hours, minutes) / 5. off

Power Source


Two, 3-V lithium batteries (CR2 batteries)
Data back ; One,3-V lithium battery(CR2025 battery)

Battery check

Automatic voltage check, 3-level power indication on LCD panel



Mirror Lock-up function, continuous shooting mode, multiple exposures (up to nine), remote control (3-channel wireless)

Dimensions and Weight


132.5 mm/5.2 in. (W) × 91.5 mm/3.6 in. (H) × 69.5 mm/2.7 in. (D) mm


395 g/13.9 oz. (excluding battery)

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