• COVER LENS CAP LC954-01 (Supplied) Barcode No.: 00-85126-93425-5
  • REAR CAP LCR Ⅱ (Supplied) Barcode No.: SIGMA 00-85126-92949-7, NIKON 00-85126-92950-3, CANON 00-85126-92951-0, Sony E-mount 00-85126-92987-9
  • REAR FILTER HOLDER FHR-11 Barcode No.: 00-85126-93486-6

    The Rear Filter Holder FHR-11 is an accessory exclusively designed for the SIGMA 14mm F1.8 DG HSM | Art for Canon, and it enables photographers to use a filter sheet with the lens.
    By attaching it to the rear of the lens, it will allow more freedom of expression.

  • SIGMA USB DOCK Barcode No.: SIGMA 00-85126-87856-6, CANON 00-85126-87854-2, NIKON 00-85126-87855-9
  • SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11 Barcode No.: SIGMA SA-E 00-85126-93251-0, CANON EF-E 00-85126-93250-3