SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.6.0 download

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We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.6.0 (Windows/Macintosh) for the SIGMA USB DOCK UD-01/UD-11, SIGMA FLASH USB DOCK FD-11 and SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11.

This download is for customers who have purchased the SIGMA USB DOCK UD-01 / UD-11 / SIGMA FLASH USB DOCK FD-11 / SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11, and who use SIGMA interchangeable lenses from the three product lines (Contemporary, Art, Sports) / CINE LENS / ELECTRONIC FLASH EF-630 / SIGMA TELE CONVERTER TC-1411 / TC-2011 / SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-21.

Benefits of SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.6.0 for Windows/Macintosh

・It brings compatibility with the SIGMA USB DOCK UD-11 for L-Mount and Canon EF-M mount*1
・It brings compatibility with SIGMA TELE CONVERTER TC-1411 / TC-2011*2
・It brings compatibility with SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-21*2
・It introduces focus ring adjustment functionality. *1*3

*1 For a list of compatible lenses and other details, please refer to the SIGMA USB DOCK UD-11 product page.
*2 SIGMA USB DOCK UD-11 (released in August 2020) is required to update the firmware
*3 To use this function with compatible lenses other than the SIGMA 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS | Contemporary and the SIGMA 85mm F1.4 DG DN | Art, it is necessary to update the firmware corresponding to the focus ring adjustment function.

SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.6.0 for Windows/Macintosh is available to download from the following site.
【SIGMA Optimization Pro 1.6.0 for Macintosh Download page】

For further information, please contact your nearest authorized SIGMA subsidiary / distributor.

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