Launch schedule of SIGMA CINE LENS FF Classic Prime Line 65mm T2.5 FF

The SIGMA Corporation (CEO: Kazuto Yamaki) is pleased to announce the launch schedule of the 65mm T2.5 FF from the SIGMA CINE LENS “FF Classic Prime Line”. The Classic Prime Line 65mm T2.5 FF adopts an optical system designed exclusively for the 65mm T1.5 FF cinema lens, but like the previously released FF Classic Prime Line lenses, the optical system is centered upon uncoated lenses. This configuration makes it possible to achieve both the high resolution that SIGMA CINE LENS is known for, as well as classic image expression with low contrast and beautiful flaring and ghosting effects. With the addition of the 65mm T2.5 FF Classic Prime Line lens, SIGMA now offers a total of eleven of the expressive 35mm full-frame prime lenses ranging from 14mm to 135mm.

FF Classic Prime Line
65mm T2.5 FF

■Launch: Jan. 2023
■Lens Mount: PL Mount (/i Technology compatible)
■Barcode No.: 0085126 940225(feet) 0085126 940232(meter)
■Accessories: Cap, Lens Support Foot (SF-31)

* The appearance and specifications of the product are subject to change.
* /i is a registered trademark of Cooke Optics Limited used with permission.
* From conventional cine lenses, it is not possible to apply for the Mount Conversion Service for this “FF Classic Prime Line”.


【Product information】


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