Mount Conversion Service

Change your mind? Change your mount.
Introducing Lens Mount Conversion, only from SIGMA.

We believe that a lens is not only a key device for photographic expression, but also an important resource for photographers.
It has been our hope to develop the lens system that is genuinely photographer-centered, and you can enjoy it for a longer period of time.
As an experienced lens manufacturer that has been creating a diverse range of interchangeable lenses, our desire and know-how is crystalized in this unique paid service, “Mount Conversion Service”*. With this service, the mount of your owned SIGMA lenses can be converted to another mount system, depending on the specification of the camera bodies.

Does the camera define the value of your lenses?

The lens you have chosen amongst the others has been used to capture various scenes. The quality that makes taking exact shots you desired possible, the handling you are so familiar with – we are sure that these elements have become a unique character of the lens and have made you feel an even deeper attachment.

Interchangeable lens camera systems appear to be superior in offering photographers more options, allowing them to change lenses freely and have more flexible photographic expression. Nevertheless, each interchangeable lens is limited with the specification of different camera systems. In other words, you can’t use those lenses if you change it from one type to another.

Although lenses are the key devices to create photographic expression, it is a shame that there is no system that purely sets the standard based on the functions and individual qualities of interchangeable lenses.

A lens is your precious resource. Carry it with you longer.

SIGMA has never stopped thinking of ways to create lenses that ensure photographers get the shots they desire and to use for many years, and that they truly require for their own photographic expression.

As an experienced lens manufacturer that has been creating a diverse range of interchangeable lenses, we are proud to introduce the “Mount Conversion Service”. With this service, the mount of your current SIGMA lenses can be changed to another mount of your choice. This service gives a new life to your favorite lenses when you wish to use it on a different camera body.

To ensure your lenses remain yours to use for many years.
To achieve a lens system that reflects your preference and interest.
We hope you will make use of the SIGMA “Mount Conversion Service”.

* This “Mount Conversion Service” is different from a normal repair. In order to apply for the service, please contact your nearest authorized subsidiary / distributor of SIGMA

Service Overview

All lenses from SIGMA’s new three product lines (Contemporary, Art, Sports) will qualify for this paid “Mount Conversion Service”. It enables customers to convert the mount of their current lenses, and we will change the relevant parts for a different mount and its internal core system accordingly.

1. Subject parts to change

Currently, the following lenses from those three product lines (Contemporary, Art, Sports) are eligible for this service.

Interchangeable lenses
2. How long the service takes

It is dependent on countries and territories.
In Japan, it is expected to take about 2 weeks. (Please confirm it when you apply for this service.)

3. How we conduct the service

Please contact your nearest authorized subsidiary / distributor of SIGMA. For this service, it is essential to have necessary optimization and adjustment at the Aizu factory after changing the mount and the internal core system. Thus, please contact your nearest authorized service center and send your lens to our partners in respective countries.

4. Warranty Period

The warranty period after the Mount Conversion will depend on each country’s law.
We will check and ensure that the optical performance of all mount converted products retains the same using our original measurement system A1 (Aizu 1).

5. Products not eligible for the service

Tele-converter, USB DOCK and other accessory parts are not eligible for this Mount Conversion Service.

6. Cost

This is a paid service regardless of the warranty period of the product.
For further inquiry, please contact your nearest authorized subsidiary / distributor of SIGMA.