• Lens Cap LC950-01(Supplied) Barcode: 00-85126-93327-2
    For 24mm T1.5 FF, 35mm T1.5 FF, 50mm T1.5 FF, 85mm T1.5 FF, 135mm T2, 24-35mm T2.2 FF, 18-35mm T2 and 50-100mm T2
  • Lens Cap LC950-02(Supplied) Barcode: 00-85126-93429-3
    For 14mm T2 FF and 20mm T1.5 FF
  • REAR CAP LCR Ⅱ(Supplied) Barcode: EF 00-85126-92951-0, E 00-85126-92987-9
  • REAR CAP LCR Ⅱ for PL mount(Supplied) Barcode: 00-85126-93430-9
  • Lens Support Foot SF-11 (Supplied) Barcode: 00-85126-93329-6

    For 18­-35mm T2, 20mm T1.5 FF, 24mm T1.5 FF, 35mm T1.5 FF, 50mm T1.5 FF

  • Lens Support Foot SF-21 (Supplied) Barcode: 00-85126-93330-2

    For 24-35mm T2.2 FF

  • Lens Support Foot SF-31 (Supplied) Barcode: 00-85126-93331-9

    For 85mm T1.5 FF and 135mm T2 FF

  • Lens Support Foot SF-41 (Supplied) Barcode: 00-85126-93332-6

    For 14mm T2 FF and 50-100mm T2

  • SF Extender SF-E1 Barcode: 00-85126-93647-1

    By attaching this SF-E1 to a SIGMA CINE LENS support foot ensures compatibility with the φ19mm studio rod lens support system.

  • Case PMC-001 Barcode: 00-85126-93323-4
  • Case PMC-002 Barcode: 00-85126-93349-4
  • SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11 Barcode: CANON EF-E用 00-85126-93250-3

    The new MOUNT CONVERTER MC-11 allows you to use your SIGMA SA mount and SIGMA EOS mount interchangeable lenses with the Sony E-mount camera body.

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  • USB DOCK Barcode: CANON 00-85126-87854-2

    By connecting SIGMA CINE LENSES to a computer with the SIGMA USB DOCK, photographers can update the lens firmware.

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