An enjoyable prime lens your camera can hardly part with ―Admirably balanced performance and size for full-frame mirrorless cameras from our Contemporary line

    Embody the Contemporary line’s concept
    of “Pursuing optimum balance” Achieve the best balance of a lens suited for everyday use

    Designed for combination with relatively small full-frame mirrorless cameras, this standard lens pursues easy operability as a regular prime lens by balancing its easy-to-carry size and high optical performance, thereby embodying the Contemporary line’s development concept of “pursuing optimum balance,” and becoming the perfect first lens in the lineup dedicated for full-frame mirrorless cameras.



    I series|A new photographic experience,
    “Premium Compact Primes”
    for mirrorless users

    The SIGMA I series features full-frame-compatible lenses that offer mirrorless users a new and better alternative, both in the experience of shooting with the lens and in the impressive results it is able to achieve.
    One of the key advantages of mirrorless cameras is their smaller form-factor, and this new 35mm optic is designed to be perfectly matched to these more compact systems without sacrificing performance. This combination of superb optical quality with exceptional portability, not previously possible with DSLR systems, will bring new opportunities to this and future generations of photographers.
    Simultaneously, SIGMA is aware that, in this day and age when we have such huge diversity when it comes to what we use to photograph, as represented by smartphones, people look for something more than a mere act of “taking pictures” when they choose to own a camera and lenses.
    SIGMA’s excellence in development and processing technologies has been built up since its founding in 1961, and has become further sophisticated with the introduction of the SIGMA Global Vision in 2012. With this as a base, SIGMA has given careful thought how photographers use and enjoy their lenses, including optical design, advanced functionality, build quality and the experience of picking up and using the lens, and with all of this carefully considered, the I series was born.

    Beautiful bokeh and rendering that
    can be enjoyed in every scene

    With the SIGMA 45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary, bokeh expressions are especially featured. Spherical aberration has been controlled to ensure not only the large bokeh in the front and rear of the subject but also the rear bokeh near the area in focus create a gradient to a soft blur. This lens softens the periphery of blurred images suppressing the double-line bokeh etc. and enhances the three-dimensional impression of the subject with the smooth expressions in the foreground and the background. In addition, its minimum focusing distance of 24cm makes it possible to enjoy shooting snapshots and tabletop photos taking advantage of the angle of view. The design gives consideration to vignetting to achieve beautiful round bokeh and subdue swirly bokeh in the whole bokeh effects.
    While this lens produces smooth bokeh effects of which one could say as “classical expression” when the aperture is wide open, it also realizes modern sharp rendering when it is stopped down. It is reassuring to hold this lens as the regular lens for everyday use.

    High build quality and outstanding operability

    Because this lens is intended for everyday use, particular attention has been given to build quality and operability. The lens barrel incorporating metal material as the main part achieves improved durability. Furthermore, thanks to the aperture ring with the right click feeling, comfortable operability during various shooting styles is ensured. The design gives consideration to MF operations, and a ring of appropriate torque provides good operability.

    Metal bayonet hood

    The lens hood features aluminium, using the same material as the lens body which has realized high quality and high rigidity.
    Furthermore, cared for the click feeling at the time of when removing and attaching, the knurling process featured on the surface provides a superior usability.

    High-speed and highly accurate
    AF enabled by the stepping motor

    The lens is capable of smooth, quiet and high-speed AF made possible by a stepping motor, as well as supports Face/Eye Detection AF and video AF.

    Other Features

    Rounded diaphragm

    The 7-blade rounded diaphragm creates an attractive blur in the out-of-focus areas of the image.

    Designed to minimize flare and ghosting

    From an early stage in the lens design process, flare and ghosting have been measured to establish an optical design resistant to strong incident light sources such as backlighting. SIGMA’s Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting to help photographers produce sharp and high contrast images even in backlit conditions.

    Mount with Dust and Splash Resistant Structure

    The mount features a special sealing to make the lens an excellent choice in a wide variety of conditions.

    rugged brass bayonet mount

    The brass mount combines high precision with rugged construction. Its treated surfaces and enhanced strength contribute to the exceptional durability of the lens.

    Compatible with Lens Aberration Correction

    Matching the optical characteristics of the lens, this function performs in-camera corrections of peripheral illumination, chromatic aberrations, distortion, and more, to further enhance image quality.


    You'll find our philosophy and craftsmanship
    in every product

    Our new lineup fully expresses our approach to lenses and photography itself. All of our lenses belong to one of three lines—Contemporary, Art, or Sports—all of which share our development philosophy and advanced manufacturing system. High performance, high quality, and high end in every respect, these lenses give people who love photography lasting value and consistent, exciting results. The secret is our passion for craftsmanship that we put into every production process and every product.


    45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary

    Lens Construction


    Lens Construction

    8 elements in 7 groups

    Angle of View

    • 51.3°

    Number of Diaphragm Blades

    7 (Rounded diaphragm)

    Minimum Aperture


    Minimum Focusing Distance

    24cm / 9.4in.

    Maximum Magnification Ratio


    Filter size


    Dimensions (Diameter × Length)

    • L-Mount
      φ64.0mm × 46.2mm / φ2.5in. × 1.8in.
    • Sony E-Mount
      φ64.0mm × 48.2mm / φ2.5in. × 1.9in.
    • *The length of a lens is measured from the filter surface to its mount.


    • L-Mount
      215g / 7.6oz.
    • Sony E-Mount
      230g / 8.1oz.

    Edition Number


    Supplied Accessories

    Lens Hood (LH577-01) supplied.

    Corresponding AF Mounts / Barcode No.

    • L-Mount
    • Sony E-Mount


    Performance / Data

    MTF Chart

    Diffraction MTF

    Geometrical MTF

    The MTF chart gives the result at the wide-open aperture
    Spatial frequency S:Sagittal Line M:Meridional Line

    MTF chart guide

    Product Lineup

    45mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary

    • L-Mount

      Supplied Accessories

      Lens Hood (LH577-01) supplied.

      Barcode No.
    • Sony E-mount

      Supplied Accessories

      Lens Hood (LH577-01) supplied.

      Barcode No.


    Supplied Accessories

    LENS HOOD LH577-01

    Barcode No.


    Barcode No.


    * The image is for SIGMA.

    • L-Mount

      Barcode No.
    • Sony E-mount

      Barcode No.

    Separately Sold Accessories

    PROTECTOR 55mm

    Normal type. Protector is developed to protect the lens surface from dirt and dust as well as scratches. It is an ideal filter for regular use as it is completely colorless so does not affect color reproduction.

    * Thinner frame wide type.

    Barcode No.


    Water-repellent, Antistatic type. Protector is developed to protect the lens surface from dirt and dust as well as scratches. It is an ideal filter for regular use as it is completely colorless so does not affect color reproduction.

    * Thinner frame wide type.

    Barcode No.

    WR UV FILTER 55mm

    UV Water-repellent, Antistatic type. UV filter prevents the bluish tone that generates when the weather is fine, by absorbing ultraviolet rays. It is effective in most situations, such as landscape, portrait and general photography on a sunny day. It is also an ideal filter for regular use as it is completely colorless so does not affect color reproduction.

    * Thinner frame wide type.

    Barcode No.


    PL Water-repellent, Antistatic type. Circular PL filter removes the reflection of water surface and glass windows, and increases the contrast in landscape photography.

    * Thinner frame wide type.

    Barcode No.

    USB DOCK UD-11

    • L-Mount

      Barcode No.

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