SIGMA to participate in the Inter BEE 2022 Exhibition

SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at Inter BEE 2022, the professional exhibition for audio, video and communications, which will take place in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan between November 16th and 18th.

Introducing the latest on SIGMA CINE LENSES under the theme of “Be practical”

At the exhibition, SIGMA will practically introduce the reason why SIGMA CINE LENSES are chosen and highly evaluated in the field of video production, where high quality, efficiency and reliability are required, along with shooting experiences, abundant examples and instructions.

1. Try out the new SIGMA 65mm T1.5 FF
Visitors will be the first to try out the new FF High Speed Prime Line 65mm T1.5 FF, which will be released in January 2023. Of course, the current lineups of the FF High Speed Prime Line, which redefines the standard of high-end primes, and the FF Classic Prime Line, with its one-of-a-kind look, will also be available to experience. 

2. Immerse yourself in the real power of SIGMA CINE LENSES using a practical workflow of video production

The booth will include a shooting studio and editing space. Visitors will be able to experience the superiority of the resulting image quality SIGMA CINE LENSES provide in an actual workflow while freely changing SIGMA lenses on high-end cameras including SIGMA fp cameras and popular cameras from other manufacturers.

3. Exclusive content: Extensive applications and episodes of development, represented by “Top Gun: Maverick”

The characteristics and beauty of SIGMA CINE LENSES will be presented from various angles, including through a special exhibit of the special version of FF High Speed Prime Line that were used to film “Top Gun: Maverick”, as well as talk sessions featuring various case studies as Inter BEE exclusive content. 

4. Experience various lenses including high-performance zoom lenses on latest cinema cameras

The High Speed Zoom Line with T2 brightness across the entire zoom range that caters to 6K-class high-resolution production, and the FF Zoom Line with a full-frame image circle are also available for hands-on experience. 

5. A team of experts gathered especially for this show to answer all your needs

SIGMA has assembled an expert team of in-house equipment specialists and video production professionals who will be on hand to give instructions in the booth and answer any questions you may have about all SIGMA products, video production, or anything else you may need to know.

SIGMA looks forward to welcoming all visitors at the booth. 

<Booth Content>

●New products: Exhibition and touch & try of FF High Speed Prime Line 65mm T1.5 FF and FF Classic Prime Line 65mm T2.5 FF
●Exhibition and touch & try of full SIGMA CINE LENSES lineup
●Experience the high-performance through a workflow: SIGMA CINE LENSES and high-end cameras including SIGMA fp cameras and popular cameras from other manufacturers
●Special Exhibition: Exhibition of “Shot on SIGMA” – introducing worldwide works shot on SIGMA CINE LENSES
●Lens Counter for touch & try of all SIGMA products including interchangeable lenses for still photography
●Talk Session consists of stage programs about new products and video production case studies as main topics
* Details of the program will be announced at a later date.

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■Makuhari Messe

・Exhibitor Category:Video Production / Broadcast Equipment
・Booth No.:8502


・Exhibitor Category:Video Production / Broadcast Equipment
・SIGMA Inter BEE 2022 webpage:
*This URL will be available for access after 9 AM of November 1st (JST).

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