Lenses Landscape

The relationship between
photography and lenses needs to change.


The issue

The performance of an SLR camera depends on lens selection.

When you're taking photos, your lens is critical to capturing the desired image. Changing your lens changes the photos you take. By selecting and changing the lens to suit the purpose and the situation, the photographer creates a personal camera system that serves his or her specific needs. This is the system we know as the SLR camera, and its performance depends on lens selection.

But recently, this whole system has been called into question. More and more photographers face frustrations in lens selection, as the range of products available is enormous and the differences are not always clearly defined.

Are you capturing exactly the images you want?

An affordable kit lens certainly comes in handy, at least as a first lens. It lowers the threshold for entry to the world of photography. But once you've entered that world, there's so much more to explore. And of course a single kit lens may not take you everywhere you want to go.

When you go a little deeper into the world of photography, it gets a whole lot more exciting. But some users are missing out on that excitement. They buy a kit lens, find some level of satisfaction with it, and never buy another. Half the beauty of an SLR is the fun you can have with different lenses, but some photographers will never experience this fun. We think that's a shame.

The essence of photography is in discovering the magic of lenses.

On the one hand, camera bodies have become extremely powerful, and feature a diverse range of sensor size, pixel count and other parameters. And now there are mirrorless cameras as well as conventional SLRs, making for a range of available functions and options that can be daunting.

But in the end, the photo is only as good as the lens with which it was taken. And most lenses on the market today under-deliver. It can become difficult for the photographer to find the right performance, functionality and quality.

Changing lenses changes the photos you take. And that can impact on your enjoyment. It can even change your approach to photography.

We think the relationship between the photograph and the photographer should be more dynamic. We want to help the photographer get back to the enjoyment of taking pictures. We have worked to enrich the world of photography through the development of our lenses. We've made it our mission to fully appreciate the increasingly sophisticated and diverse needs of photographers.

Seeking to redefine the relationship among lens, photograph and photographer

Choosing a lens based on the subject or the desired image is part of the creativity of the photographer. Making the right choice and getting the perfect shot is what it's all about. It's not always simple, but it shouldn't be a chore. That's why we decided to radically reorganize our lens line-up.

We've grouped our new lens models into three product lines. Each line has been assigned a clearly defined concept. From now on, all our products will be developed and presented in terms of how they embody these three concepts.

Why are we taking on this challenge? Because in a world where digital SLR cameras are increasingly multifunctional and diverse, we want SIGMA to be the company that changes things for the better. We want to make the choice of instruments more straightforward to help realize the full potential of the DLSR system, making photography more fun for photographers.

SIGMA may be a small company, but we're determined to effect some big changes. And this is just the beginning.