Cameras sd Quattro Accessories

  • PG-41
    POWER GRIP: PG-41 Barcode: 00-85126-93288-6

    This accessory boosts the battery capacity of the camera by holding up to two dedicated batteries. In combination with the battery inside the camera, this accessory makes it possible to enjoy up to 200% more shooting time. Offering outstanding usability in both the horizontal and vertical positions, the grip incorporates an ON/OFF button, two command dials, an AF/AEL button, and a FUNC button. It is designed for an exceptionally comfortable grip and is dust-proof and splash-proof.

  • EF-630 SA-STTL
    ELECTRONIC FLASH: EF-630 SA-STTL Barcode: SIGMA 00-85126-93292-3

    The high-power EF-630 flash enables S-TTL automatic flash metering. It has wireless flash connectivity and a high-speed synchronization function that can be used at high shutter speeds, giving photographers further scope for creative expression.

  • FD-11
    FLASH USB DOCK: FD-11 Barcode: SIGMA 00-85126-80156-4

    This accessory is used to dock the EF-630 and update its firmware in the exclusive SIGMA Optimization Pro software. The dock is connected to a personal computer via a USB cable.

  • CR-31
    CABLE RELEASE SWITCH: CR-31 Barcode: 00-85126-93027-1

    This cable release allows releasing the shutter without touching the camera by connecting it to camera USB terminal. It is useful when attaching the camera to a tripod, and releasing the shutter from a distance, or slow shutter. (Cable length: Approximately 1m)

  • BC-61
    BATTERY CHARGER: BC-61 Barcode: 00-85126-93254-1

    This dedicated battery charger is included as standard equipment with the camera.

  • BP-61
    LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: BP-61 (W) Barcode: 00-85126-93252-7

    This dedicated battery is included as standard equipment with the camera.

  • SAC-7
    AC ADAPTER: SAC-7 Barcode: 00-85126-93263-3

    This accessory is recommended for supplying power from a wall outlet when the user is shooting, viewing photos, or using the camera with a personal computer for an extended period of time. It is used in combination with DC CONNECTOR CN-31 (included with AC Adapter SAC-7).